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Conversational Breakthroughs
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January 17, 2019 07:14 AM PST
February 13, 2017 07:59 AM PST
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A Simple System That Can Add $100,000 a Year or More To The Bottom Line Of Any Business.

Imagine, if you have a son or daughter, that they just got their drivers license. We both know that this is a turning point in the life of every 16-year-old. Now, imagine your son or daughter gets a card in the mail from your real estate consultant, and the card is congratulating them on their accomplishment and inside the card is a gas card with $25 dollars credit. How would you feel?
Well this is only one of hundreds of different kinds of cards Terry Moerler send out to the people in her MyCLients database every month. You will love her ideas on how to use cards as a foundation to grow a referral business.

January 25, 2017 04:45 PM PST

What does it mean to experience the “Next Highest Version of Yourself”?

The truth is… you can do EVERYTHING right to achieve your financial and personal dreams, but still come up short, because of the belief patterns running unchallenged through your subconscious mind.

You see, we enter this world with a clean slate -- full of love, joy and possibility.

However, during our formative years, up to age 13, we collect patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving from the family, adults and culture around us.

Patterns unconsciously operate, that either support our intention to create the highest versions of ourselves… Or more commonly, keep us stuck in vicious cycles that completely limit our possibilities.

But here’s the good news…

You can interrupt these inherited negative patterns and replace them with new, positive behaviors that make it much quicker and easier to reach your personal and financial dreams… IF you know how.

The challenge is -- getting rid of these negative patterns takes deep, focused work and attention. This is the kind of focus and attention we rarely create for ourselves, left to our own resources.

January 13, 2017 04:43 PM PST
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Step #1: Discover my clients’ current level of willingness to accept responsibility for everything that is occurring in their lives.

Step #2: Discover where my client is now based on their reality and where do they want to go from here?

Step #3: Discover my clients “Hot Words”. Those words that carry the most meta information.

Step #4: With my clients “Hot Words,” I wrap all my hypnotic suggestions and positive advice.

Step #5: Explore, with my client, a bigger vision for themselves.

January 03, 2017 08:55 AM PST
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As Peter Drucker says, “The process of planning is more important than the plan.” These 10 questions will help ignite your planning process. Enjoy.

10 Questions To Help You Create A Business Plan 2017

1. Who can we be, as a team to deepen our commitment to our mission?

2. What can I do personally to strengthen myself so that I am a stronger contributor to the team?

3. What can I do today to be a high impact person?

4. What makes our team worthy of impacting families?

5. How much energy do I pour into creating a referable experience in every interaction?

6. What am I doing today to get our return on relationship to soar?

7. As a team, what is our intention for our return on listings in 2017?

8. As a team, what is our vision for each buyer who is starting a new chapter in their life and how can we be their advocate?

9. What am I willing to do so that I know every person 5-6-7?

10. What is my favorite way to invite people to introduce the people they care about to us?

December 15, 2016 01:51 PM PST
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Asking Powerful Questions?

Here are the 25 questions. They are not in perfect sequence, but, as you listen to the Laser Coaching session, listen for the questions and notice how I layer Kim’s answers to help her arrive at her own solution.

1. What makes you want to take on this opportunity?

2. What is the challenge or what is the opportunity in front of you now?

3. What does it mean when you say you really love doing something?

4. If you were teaching someone only to do what they loved to do what would you teach them?

5.What is the teacher currently doing?

6. What is the gap between what you're doing right and what you teach to do?

7. If your life depended on it what would you do to close the gap?

8. What would be the first step?

9. What is stopping you from doing that?

10. What’s the obstacle?

11. What’s the roadblock?

12. What is most important to you about that?

12. Imagine you're 95 years old and you're looking back, what would have you do today?

13. Do you believe there is someone out there that can do this job?

14. What are the chances of you finding that person?

15. What picture in your mind do you have of the kind effort you have to put out there?

16. On a scale of 1 low and 10 high how important is this to you?

17. Are you inspired to do it?

18. What is the possibility that you actually do it?

19. When will you begin doing this?

20. What did you learn from this?

21. Imagine it's a year from today, what would be the alternate scenario?

22. What will you look for in this person?

23. What will be the inspiring title for the role that person will play?

24. From the eyes of the client what do you want their experience to be working describe?

25. How do you feel right now?

The Comfortable Conversation Creator Note

Dear Kim,

We are adding a new person to the Kim Ward team and before we do any advertising, we want to make this new role available to any family member or friend you think would be a good fit.

The title is “Comfortable Conversation Creator”.

The responsibility is to meet people at our open houses in a friendly approachable way, asking questions that put people at ease and helping them discover what their next best steps would be. If you have a person in mind that you feel would be our: “Comfortable Conversation Creator” please text or call me and I can share more details with you.

Kim Ward

December 05, 2016 04:48 PM PST
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The Coach Who Is Coaching The Coach

Meet my head coach, Larry Laveman.

I've been privately working with Larry Laveman for over 20 years.

He's guided me through several life transitions; he shepherded me through my difficult divorce, he guided me through the process of buying out my partner, he helped me change my business model, encouraged me to explore deeper work, he’s even given me dating advice.

Larry dives deep into what it takes to change a way of life. He shares what it means to grow and how to discover your patterns that create most of your discomfort.

You’ll love what he says about being in an uncommon relationship.

After the interview I unpack it and share my golden nuggets of insight.

This is the one that you’ll want to listen to several times.

I also would highly recommend his book, Mysticism and Modern Life: Ancient Wisdom for Personal Growth

November 21, 2016 08:40 AM PST
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Have you ever felt that your goals conflicted with your behavior? You want to do more, you want to be more productive, you dream of what your ideal business could be. But, for some reason, you never really live up to your fullest potential? Sometimes you look for a new strategy, but because you may still have some unfinished inner business, a better place to look is inside. You may need to do some personal development work to remove the pattern of behavior that is causing your lack of productivity. You’ll really enjoy this Conversational Breakthrough because it has a little bit of everything in it. We talk about being a Superior Man, how the role of the male energy is to be the financial provider, and how this frees up the Female energy to experience her divine nature. We talk about how we take on the beliefs and patterns of our parents, both the positive ones and the negative ones. You’ll discover how to use the power of anger to crush those beliefs that no longer support you. After listening, share with everyone what you learned. Tell them what pattern you’re ready to let go of and what pattern do you choose to replace it with.

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